Web design trends 2014

Jan 03, 2014

As we change the calendar, we will remember 2013 as an immortal year for setting website design trends. But that’s gone now and a part of history now. Check out the latest web design trends for 2014:

1. Flat design:
It has been found that flat designs are simpler and cleaner. Flat design includes saturated blocks of colors, strong lines, tiles and creative typography. Flat screen web design offers a simpler user experience. The whole idea behind this is enhancing the 2D screen and avoid website from looking three dimensional. Flat websites can be elegant and aesthetically pleasing when done well.

2. Mobile responsive:
It is assumed that 25 to 30 percent of the traffic on websites comes from mobiles and smart phones. As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, going responsive is important for every business. You should build a website for mobile devices that offers a great user experience.

3. Large, eye-resolution images:
We all love large, eye-popping images on websites. You might have noticed Apple’s websites where the brand has shown vivid pictures of Apple products in the background. You can also use a full-screen background on your website.

4. Less of content is more:
Let’s be honest. The visitors only read a few lines or paragraphs of a page on the website. Hence, the leading web designers have cut the content on the website pages. The first two paragraphs of the web pages should be attractive.

5. Single page websites:
Single page websites can be the best option for small businesses that do not need descriptive content on the web pages. Single page website is simpler to use and navigate. Hence, they are the latest trend worth considering.
The fact remains that simpler websites with higher resolution images can attract the attention of the users and convert the visitors into your customers!

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