Ways To Create Richer Web Experiences?

Aug 28, 2014

Web has evolved a lot from being a simple document repository and now we have browsers capable of rich visual interactions on desktop as well as mobile.

Let’s take a look into the 4 ways you can enhance your website UX:

CSS is the styling language for our documents. We tend to think of this in simple terms like changing font size or color, but it is becoming increasingly powerful with features like transforms and animations.

CSS Masks are making their way to the Web, which allow you to define the transparent parts of your content using an image. This allows you to use transparency more effectively in your designs for visual interest or textures.

Most of the images we find on the Web today are raster images, made up of pixels. This means that as we view them on higher resolution or scale them they get pixilated.

Vector graphics are good because they are made up of geometric primitives that retain their crisp edges at any size.

SVG is the vector format for the Web. We can use it to display graphics and even manipulate and animate its properties with CSS.

3)2D Canvas:
2D Canvas is another powerful feature of the Web optimized for drawing shapes and images. It provides a Javascript API which gives you technical control over your canvas element. It also gives you the freedom to integrate other forms of media, such as video creating the potential for rich interactive buttons that play, pause or scrub video footage. 2D Canvas now also supports blend modes, which allows you to mix the colors of layers in visually interesting ways.

WebGL provides a low level of API for drawing hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics. As we can imagine WebGL gets somewhat complicated, fortunately open-source libraries like Three.js provide a great entry point with great examples to get you started.

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