Walking our way through the workday.

Sep 22, 2016

Recent research has shown that sitting for extended periods of time is now considered as harmful to your health as smoking. In fact, prolonged sitting can lead to an increase in risks for certain cancers, coronary heart disease, various cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.

To provide office workers who typically sit through most of their days with an alternative, the Treadmill Desk was invented. The idea behind this breakthrough invention is to provide those who would normally sit for long periods of time with a way to continuously walk all day, at a very slow pace.

Initial studies show that it takes some getting used to, especially for those who type or navigate computer screens using a mouse. However, after a few weeks of training, most subjects were able to coordinate their motions to effectively be able to do both.

In fact, those who were able to master using a Treadmill Desk actually increased their productivity in various studies conducted by independent research teams. Other benefits various researchers have found include:

-Improved moods and reduced stress. Treadmill Desk users felt happier and were deemed happier by their co-workers. This is probably due to the fact that exercise releases endorphin in the body that trigger a positive feeling and an increase in confidence.
– Increased creativity.
– Lower body weight.
– Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.
– Lower blood pressure.
– An increase in bone density and strength.

Is all of this too good to be true? We’re going to find out as we’re installing a Treadmill Desk in our new Norfolk Headquarters. If adding moderate exercise to the workday helps to improve team member creativity and makes our office a happier place to work, we’re all for it. We’re not planning to do a formal research study on the results, but we’ll definitely keep you posted on what we think as we try it out.

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