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Are Waiters Soon to Be Extinct?

Well, maybe not soon, but the concept is definitely a new thought now that a revolutionary restaurant in Singapore is deploying hovering drones to deliver hot food from the kitchen straight to the customer’s tables. Chefs at restaurant Timbre, load up the 5 plated serving tray and send the helicopter­ like device to a particular table,where waiters on standby then unload the tray and place it in front of the proper customers.

Managing director at the Timbre Group, Edward Chia, states that the device is not intended to replace human waiters, but to increase efficiency.

This could be the genuine intent, but one has to question what the invention of something like this could do to the food industry. Chia may have the best interest in mind for his restaurant and team, but what about other restaurants who will adopt the technology later?

One day, perhaps 20 or 30 years from now, waiters may just go extinct!

Only time will tell the fate of future waiters and waitresses everywhere.

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