User Experience – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Jan 26, 2016

Appropriating your marketing budget for the year, or even the next six months, can be an arduous task. In order to evaluate the channels you should use to reach your intended target audiences, it’s important to understand how each generational group is most likely to receive your message. For the purposes of this article, let’s define the groups that currently exist in the marketplace:

Generation Z – The under-25 generation is the first to grow up entirely with the use of mobile technology. They are tech savvy and primarily driven by convenience and social media.

– Millennials – The 24- to 34-year-old demographic was the first to adopt mobile technology. They are as tech savvy as their younger counterparts, but use mobile technology primarily to get the best bargain when comparatively shopping.

-Generation X – The 34- to 49-year-olds that have been exposed to technology throughout their lives, but also experienced technological change through its growth.

-Baby Boomers – The 50- to 68-year-olds who saw the birth of mobile technology and have largely chosen to adapt to the convenience it provides so they can stay relevant in the workplace. However, this group is also still likely use more traditional methods (laptops) to fulfill their online needs, in addition to mobile technology.

The Golden Generation – Those who are over 65 are slowly making the transition to mobile technology, but would still prefer to keep in touch with each other and get news, make purchases, etc. through more traditional (non-mobile) methods.

In marketing to mobile users, perception is reality. If your website looks outdated or your apps don’t perform effortlessly, you will be overlooked. On the other hand, even a small company can look like a billion-dollar entity based on the effectiveness of your efforts.

A responsive website design is crucial to reach all demographics since their needs range from laptop to tablet and smartphone usage. Apps are particularly important for reaching the younger generations, especially if you expect them to return to your site or product/service frequently. Geo-targeting is essential when reaching out to the tech-savvy crowds as they are regularly looking for the best deals or the hottest new thing. Retargeting is particularly beneficial at reaching Boomers who may have visited your website, but need a little extra push to make the final purchasing decision.

TechArk understands market segmentation and how to appeal to the generations through mobile technology. Come talk us with your ideas and let’s create the tools and the channel plan you need to make the most of your marketing efforts.

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