Two Hidden Details that Make or Break SEO

Nov 28, 2016

In many ways, utilizing Search Engine Optimization (commonly shortened to SEO in marketing circles) is a lot like using social media. Too many people believe that just because they jump on the bandwagon, it’ll boost their traffic, which, by logic, should increase sales. Unfortunately, both statements are not true. Like social media, simply throwing content out there into the electronic universe will not guarantee your success. You need to have a plan and you need to execute it wisely. So here are two hidden details that you should consider when putting together a Search Engine Optimization plan for your website:

Keywords for SEO

Once upon a time, conventional thinking was that if you load your site with tons of key words that have something to do with the products and services you offer, you’re bound to pick up traffic and increase your ranking on all the major search engines. The truth is, by using generic key words, you may actually be damaging your rankings by getting “stuck” behind a more established website using the same words. It’s a competitive worlds our there, so you need to use words and phrases that are more particular to the people you want to bring in to your site, and that will provide you with unique results and more targeted visitors.

Continuous Testing for SEO

Again, it’s rational to think that if you bring more people to your website, sales should increase. But if your website is not providing the proper direction and coherent messaging for a visitor to take the action you want them to take, they will likely get frustrated and leave without knowing what you really want them to know. You need to track what visitors are looking at, what they aren’t looking at, and try different things to keep them moving forward.

TechArk Solutions can help you with both of these “hidden details” to help bring more qualified visitors to your website and incite them to take action. Let us help you “Re-imaging your business” through smarter SEO tactics.

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