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noun: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Technology expands our perception. It expands our potential and it expands our power. As science explores new formats and applications, technological innovations become more practical. We are at the point in history in which technology and humanism are integrating more than ever, and we think it’s awesome. We’ve heard about a few technological inventions lately that merge everyday life with the practicality of technological application and listed below are our top tech gadgets to improve your quality of living at home!

This new art-tech startup is merging the photography and technology industries more seamlessly than ever before. The company is innovatively making digital picture frames. As pictures become more modern, their applications do as well. We are just as likely to buy a digital image from the Internet as we are to buy an image from an actual photo gallery. Well, what if, there was a picture frame that allowed you to switch digital images in a classy and wireless way? If you ever get tired of an image, upload a new one! You can also set your frame to display multiple pictures by activating the gesture sensitive function, which allows you to change the displayed image simply by waving your hand in front of the digital canvas. While the Meural frame is not available for purchase just yet, it is available for preorder and is expected to ship this fall. Price tag on this one is $395 which is a mere investment to the serious art connoisseur.

What if your kitchen could suggest the perfect dinner meal for you and your date? Or possibly recommend a healthy smoothie after a nice workout? Well now it can with a new connected-kitchen gadget named Countertop. The appliance simply sits on your countertop and begins to collect smart data from a variety of sources to find out which meals are best for you at what times. The device gives suggestions based on the appliance placed on top of it. So, placing a blender on the device prompts a smoothie suggestion while placing a Crockpot may suggest a soup. The coolest thing about this device is that over time, it learns about your eating habits and begins to adjust to your taste, preference, and lifestyle. You can own a Countertop device by Fall 2015. The pre-order price for the gadget is $99.95.

People are beginning to value the awareness of their health now more than ever. People want to know how many steps they’re taking a day, how many calories they’re burning and how well they’re sleeping at night. Well, this “smart cover,” Luna, keeps track of how you sleep and connects to your home’s wireless network to control lights, locks, and even your coffee pot. Co-founder of Luna, Matteo Franceschetti, says Luna isn’t something you have to activate but it’s “always there with you to promote a healthier, more productive lifestyle.” The smart-cover has temp control that adjusts to your optimal sleeping pattern and has a built in microphone that can let you know whether you were snoring the night before. The cover can keep track of your heart rate, breathing and movement throughout the night. The cognitive cover accepts pre-orders for $179 each. The smart cover will be available in both Queen and King sizes August 2015.

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