Top 6 powerful WordPress plugins for Ecommerce stores

Nov 11, 2013

Ecommerce plugins can help you sell your products or services online. WordPress plugins are easy to install and do not cost much. Whether you already have an Ecommerce website built with WordPress or planning to develop an online store, WordPress plugins can be of great help.

Here are some popular WordPress ecommerce plugins:

What makes WooCommerce popular is that it has several plugins and themes which are directly available directly from WooThemes or 3rd party websites. Being free to use, WooCommerce can be used to extend the functionality of your Ecommerce website. As it is highly customizable, it is a preferred choice of many developers and users. It comes with multiple payment options such as Paypal, Cash on delivery, Cheque, etc. There are various extensions available that can be added to the plugins.

Jigoshop is a free download plugin which has premium themes and extensions. If you are looking for a professional looking commerce website, Jigoshop can help you. As Jigoshop offers multiple features for hosting an ecommerce shop, it is a trusted choice of many users. You can add attributes for your products (Example: Size of clothing – S, M, L, XL, etc.) by using Jigoshop.

This popular plugin is easy to install and use. Eshop includes features like multiple product options, shipping and tax options, basic inventory control and much more. It is easy to customize every aspect of this plugin. It gets adapted to the design of your website.

Cart66 Lite:
If your commerce website is dedicated to offering several products and services, Cart66 Lite is the best plugin for you. As it has multiple shipping and currency options, it can give your business an international edge. You can also place ads and classifieds for making more profit.

This plugin provides ecommerce widgets for different CMS. Ecwid is free to download and can be integrated with your social profiles too. This plugin is very easy to install and is fully customizable.

Hope you’ll be able to grow your online sales and increase your brand exposure by using the right WordPress plugin for your ecommerce website.

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