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TOP 4 #MobileWorldCongress Debuts From The Past 48hrs

Mobile World Congress 2015 officially starts today in Barcelona, Spain. Need a quick catch up to stay in the know? Check out the TOP 4 DEBUTS that have been trending in the past 48 hours.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S6
With a super sleek design including a revolutionary rounded screen, the Samsung Galaxy S6 stole the show during Saturday’s “UNPACKED” debut of the smart phone.
Samsung holds the suspense by announcing that there will be a total of six surprises from them this week.

HTC makes it first debut into the wearable tech community. The HTC Grip, geared towards serious athletes, features a horizontal layout design that has GPS for optimal workout tracking. The special thing about this announcement is that the HTC Grip will be available at, Under Armour, AT&T, Sports Authority,Walmart, and other retailers. These are very strategic partnerships for the Grip,aiming to separate itself from other mobile watch trends, and differentiate itself as a high-performance athletic essential.

3. The Huawei Watch
The Huawei watch is the first Android Watch debuted by the company. It is designed to look like classic watches, in order to capitalize on the traditional ecstatic of timepieces, while also offering a modern unthreatening smart feature. The watch has over 40+ customizable watch faces and a large variety of cases and wristbands.

This was probably the biggest news yesterday. HTC is expanding from the
traditional smart phone business to Virtual Reality products. HTC says the product will be available to consumers this year!

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