Tips and Tricks to make good design experience for User

Whether you are new or you want to have your user to have good design experience or you don’t know from where to get started, there are some things you should know to create good design experience for your user.
I am sure the following points will help you in making your user experience wonderful. Most businesses improves their website for better SEO. Yes it is important to have a better SEO, but in the end every businesses want happy customers.
Following are the points one needs to go through while creating a good design experience for your user:

1)Loading of the website: Make sure that your website doesn’t take much time in loading. Whenever a new user or an existing user visits your website it should open immediately not taking more than 3 seconds. Many people are impatient and if your user comes across a slow website of yours then it will create a bad impression on your user. So make sure that your website doesn’t take more than 3 seconds.

2)Making your logo clickable: When an user clicks on your logo from a page it should direct them towards your home page, so make sure that your logo is clickable.

3)Search box: Keeping a search box helps your user to find what are they exactly looking for in your website. Search box will make it easier for the user to find something in your website related to their search topic. So make sure to include a search box in your website.

4)Responsive view: Nowadays people are browsing websites from their cell phones. So one need to make sure that the website loads faster and appears neatly on the mobile phones. One needs to make sure that your website is mobile friendly or responsive so that user’s don’t find it difficult to browse your website.

So by considering the above points you can make good design experience for your user.

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