Tips to follow while advertising Mobile Apps

Jun 20, 2014

Advertising is commonly regarded as an interruption that usually hinders the actual experience that people are trying to have-be it reading newspaper, watching TV or browsing a website.

Though advertisements are interrupting, we are now seeing the new era of ‘appvertising’ that is equally entertaining and engaging. The new wave of advertising on mobile apps has opened doors of new opportunities for publishers.

What is Appvertisisng?
Advertisers are utilizing the mobile app platform for developing mobile ads that have much more in common with apps than banner ads. And this technique of advertising on mobile app platform can be termed as ‘appvertising’.

To master the early stage of appvertising, there are few tips to consider while designing the strategy.

1)Give user the control:
While appvertising, you need to forget about the captive audience for whom you can stream out a video at your defined pace. Because, here you are dealing with people that in case find nothing interesting will skip your appvertisements. So to avoid these keep them entertained and use ‘skip’ button in your ad incase user gets bore and your ad strategy fails.
Use the text cautiously and give more controls to users and focus more on creating video and audio to set the stage.

2)Grab attention:
It is important that your ad must be built with simple and clear layout. The ad must have look and feel just as the native apps have on that particular device. Feel free to go creative with your ads and create a balance between grabbing attention and not going over the top. You can also take advantage of many unique features of mobile
devices like GPS to determine the user location instead of asking them to type it out.

3)Reward your customers:
One of the best methods to attract user is to offer something in return. To make sure that users get attract to your ad, offer something of valuable like, discount coupons, free music or app. Whatever way you choose to attract customers, do not forget to include a call-to-action button.

4)Optimize your campaign:
Mobile has some powerful insights which allows you to know how users behaved with your ads. You can even track when and how user exits. If the number of exit increases, you can make the changes in your ad accordingly. Another important thing is to monitor how prompt user is clicking call-to-action button.

Hence, keeping in mind the above tips you can get success with appvertising your ads on mobile app. Make your app more entertaining and engaging to the user.

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