Tips to design an effective e-commerce website

Nov 28, 2013

With the advancement of technology, more and more people use internet for fulfilling their daily requirements. Ecommerce plays a major role. Many people use internet to buy products or services online. If you are planning to design an ecommerce store, you should create an eye catchy and attention grabbing website that attracts the targeted users. You need to make sure that your website design connects the users with the services or products.

1. The website should have “Add to cart” button rather than “Buy now” button:
It is important that your website has a noticeable call-to-action button. When you have “add to cart” button on your website, the users are likely to have a look at other products after adding one product to the cart. When you have “buy it now” button, the users would be directed to the checkout page. The users can keep adding items in the shopping cart when you have “add to cart” button on the products page.

2. Don’t force the users to sign-up for placing the order:
It is a bad idea to force the users for placing the order. Many people hesitate to sign up and may exit from your site immediately. Your ecommerce website should have an option of “Check out as guest”. Instead of making the users fill up all the personal information, your website should make them login via any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

3. Don’t hide your contact information:
While designing an ecommerce website, make sure that your website has the contact information. If you hide the contact information, it may reduce customers’ trust in your brand. In order to win the users’ trust, you should also place a 24 X 7 customer service number.

4. Keep an easy navigation:
Users would love to buy products from your ecommerce website if your site has an easy and simple navigation. The visitors would not like to go through confusing navigation. Keep it as simple as possible.

5. Have a one-page checkout process:
It is a good idea to have one-page check-out process for your ecommerce website. Do not make a long or complicated check out process.

Last but not the least, your ecommerce website should be responsive!

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