Tips to design an Ecommerce store that boosts sales

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The main aim of every Ecommerce website is to make sales. If you have an ecommerce website for your business and it doesn’t make good sales, there are chances that there’s something wrong with the design of the website. As there’s a lot of competition in today’s online market, you can try some tricks to boost the online sales. So, while designing an Ecommerce website, you should keep in mind certain points that will help you boost the sales.

The first and the foremost thing is the design. You should make sure that the website has an attractive design and can easily connect with the targeted users. Hence, it is important to design an Ecommerce website keeping in mind the target audience.

The visitors should be able to search for the products they’re looking for. You can have categories and sub categories to make it easier for the users to land up on the products page that they’re looking for.
Your website should have more than one image of the products. In addition to this, the product image should be zoom-able or a bigger image should be available so that the customers can see it clearly.
The call to action buttons should be clearly visible to the users. For example: If your website sells women’s shoes, the size, color and design tabs should be clearly seen. The customer should be able to locate the tabs and make the selection easily. Users would not prefer to find spend a lot of time for selecting the options. Buy now or add to cart buttons should also be seen clearly on the products page.
The shipping costs and arrival times should be made available on the products page. Also, mention the returns and exchange policies should be available on the website. In order to boost sales, you can run “Free shipping” offer for festivals and other occasions.

You can have special deals and discounts occasionally. This would be a good way to attract the new customers and it also helps to get repeated sales from the existing customers. You can highlight the deals on the home page and promote them.

Selling online is an art. Implementing the above mentioned suggestions can help you increase the conversion rate and lead to satisfied customers.

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