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Developing a mobile app of your company is a good idea. But do you know that your app development project falls under one of three categories. It is either consumer app, a modernization app, or the migration of a web-application to a mobile-optimized version.

For developing your mobile plan, you need to have a sound plan which can turn your app idea into reality. Sometimes many organizations rush their mobile apps in the market without considering the several important key factors.

It is therefore necessary for your organization to develop a perfect mobile application development plan which addresses the following questions:

1) Why are you building an app?
This might seem as an easiest question to answer. But very often there are customers who wants to build a mobile app but are not very clear about its specific purpose or how it will be different from what they offer on their website. Therefore it is really important to have a clear vision for the app, and as well as the business goal it will help to achieve.

2) What will be the target functionality of your app?
Answer some questions like: Will people use my app? Does the functionality provides value to your organizations?You need to focus on the functionality that will deliver good impact instead of adding needless features that are not likely to be used.

3) Native app or Mobile Web app. Which app should I build?
If your app needs access to some specific hardware like camera, barcode scanners etc you might consider to think a native app for your desired platforms. If you are going to provide an optimized mobile experience for your existing website or light weight functionality, then a mobile web app might be the answer. To choose between the native app or mobile web app you need to have a clear idea of your target audiences, to include usage patterns, user scenarios and the device use will ultimately guide your platform decision choice.

4) Does your App developer have a good knowledge of design?
A mobile app should be aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and easy to use. But if the app is not designed this way then the success of the app will suffer. So therefore it is important for your developer to have an understanding of the design options to create the best user experience possible.

5) Is privacy policy needed?
If your app collects any sensitive information from the users, you must include a privacy policy which will explain what information is being collected and how it will be used.

The above are some of the factors which might help you before you plan to develop mobile app. Techark Solutions will guide you in developing your mobile apps by covering all these important points and deliver you the best.

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