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The Top 5 Web Design Trends to Know About In 2015

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If you’re planning a website redesign this year, you know it needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly to appeal to the widest possible audience. But what about typography, images, and other design elements? Overlooking this year’s trends could mean your website appears outdated long before it actually runs out of shelf-life. We’ve compiled the top web design trends you should have on your radar in 2015, so you can ensure your website redesign is stylish, relevant, and brag-worthy.

1. Keep it simple. If your current website has dozens of elements competing for attention on the page, you may lose your audience’s attention quickly. A simple website is easier on the eyes, especially on a mobile device. But it’s also easier on the brain. Visitors will absorb information with ease when you stick to large, clean elements, a simple color scheme, and minimal text.

2. Unique images. By now, we all recognize overused stock photography when we see it. Instead of choosing that ubiquitous smiling model in a headset, go for an image that surprises and delights. You may need to spend a little more time searching for a memorable image, or even hire a professional to take the custom photo that best highlights your brand. But the results will be so worth it.

3. Smooth scrolling. Rather than click around through dozens of pages, today’s users often prefer to scroll down a single, long page. That makes browsing easier from a mobile device, and it also allows for a clean design sans tricky navigation. Combined with a collapsible menu, this design trend contributes to the simplicity we mentioned in #1.

4. Customizable page layouts. Technology such as Cornerstone, a front-end page-editor that allows for custom layouts, can help you achieve the website that’s uniquely you. Cornerstone consists of a variety of elements that can be rearranged, allowing websites to be changed according to user feedback. That makes life easier for developers and allows for quicker edits!

5. Easy-to-read typography. You may have noticed a shift in how web-designers approach type. For one, it’s bigger; that’s critical for readability on mobile devices. But we’re also seeing the use of fewer typefaces – for example, two complementary typefaces on a website instead of three or four – and more space between lines of text. Most importantly, choose typefaces that are easy on the eyes whether you’re viewing from a desktop monitor or a smartphone.

Updating your website is a chance to correct some of the mistakes that may be turning visitors away. It’s also an amazing opportunity to refresh the face of your brand. At TechArk Solutions, we have lots of experience guiding companies through website builds that incorporate the trends of today while ensuring longevity and continued relevance. Get in touch to discuss your project!

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