The Future is Here

Say hello to the TechArk phone wallet X.

We are proud to introduce this all-new silicone masterpiece. Our first promotional product features a sleek design and is branded with our signature ark.


Adheres to the back of your smartphone. Compatible with all operating systems. Completely undetectable in pocket. Effortless purchasing power.

A new generation of fiscal responsibility.

Available exclusively in one color, the TechArk wallet phone will debut at the TowneBank Foundation Fall Extravaganza. Please join TechArk Saturday, October 14, as our company begins this exciting new chapter in promotional marketing.

The TechArk Phone Wallet. A perfect storm. Brace yourselves.

As you can tell, we watched the unveiling of the new iPhones and got a little inspired. Although we haven’t invented any groundbreaking new smartphones lately, we have been busy developing several apps and websites, as well as our new TechArk swag.

We’ve got some big things coming up, TowneBank Extravaganza included, and we’re bringing you along for the ride. Whether you’re an existing client (thank you!), potential customer (well, hello there) or just a fan of our witty blogs (aw, shucks) we’re happy you’re here and we’d love to talk shop.

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See you soon!


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