The Four Marketeers

Every business, whether factory, food service, or retail store, has an order of operations – from fabrication, presentation, and assembly, each worker has a role to play.

At TechArk it is no different. Our projects move through a cycle, each different yet each moving through the same process. From discovery and strategy through design and development, on to testing and launch, TechArk has long-since streamlined and perfected our systems.

Perfection is a mirage. We recognized that leveling out meant it was time to level up.

Instead of becoming complacent and celebrating that we’d finally got a handle on this whole ‘Life/Work’ thing, we decided to push onward. In the interest of furthering our process, expanding our scope of work, and providing more for our clients, we made a big decision.

Six people putting hands together

We hired a marketing team.

It started out slowly, with a couple of buzzwords like “synergy” and “advertainment” getting thrown around the office here and there; nothing too serious. Before long, it had grown to infestation-level proportions, with an entire corner in the back of the office suddenly occupied by a fully-functional marketing team! We know, we’re just as shocked as you.

Now we have: a social media strategist with thousands of followers dating back to the glory days of Vine, a content strategist who can write about literally ANYTHING, a budding SEO expert with a knack for observation & analyzation, and a dynamo marketing/PR manager with great fashion sense.

We’re feeling pretty good about it.

Since joining the team this spring, the TechArk marketing department has: performed a complete SEO overhaul on more than one client’s site with immediate results from Google, written over 50 blog posts as well as miscellaneous content for multiple websites, analyzed and recommended in-depth social media account management techniques, and hosted some truly awesome meetings in which old clients met the new marketers and magic happened.

People giving high fives

Social media in particular is an area we’re very excited to be delving into. As the fastest-growing phenomenon in a world of fast-growing phenomena, this is one corner of the market that we can’t afford to ignore – and neither can you!

We’ve managed to fill entire apartment complexes, using just Facebook. The power of social media is limitless, with far-reaching results. A few of our accounts are relying solely on that power, not just to spread awareness but to bring them business. It’s just one example of the way technology is changing the way we work, shop … and market.

Don’t worry – we’re still the same creative designers, amazing developers, and awesome project coordinators you remember! The difference is that now we can help you get the word out about your cool new app or website, and that means we get to spend more time together. Aww.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to our site or an existing client, we hope you’re as excited as we are about the new possibilities opening up at TechArk. Contact us to learn more 🙂

Synergy, teamwork, conversions, oh my. TechArk hired a marketing team. There goes the neighborhood.

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