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Our BFF TowneBank wrote a lovely article about TechArk in their Fall 2017 newsletter. We’ve been partners for two years, and they’ve helped us grow so much. When we learned that we could be of assistance at their annual Fall Extravaganza, we were thrilled.

A beautiful partnership which TechArk is proud to be a part of, check out page 8 of the TowneBank newsletter, or read it below, where we’ve copied and pasted it (because we’re nice like that). Enjoy!

Reimagining Your Business? TechArk can help.

Outside, it’s the heart of downtown Norfolk as The Tide rolls by on tracks that parallel Brambleton Avenue. Inside, a creative staff is hard at work designing and developing websites and mobile apps. This is TechArk, and they are out to reimagine the world—one client at a time.

Pratik Kothari is the founder and CEO. He moved to the United States from his home country of India in 2003 to study at Old Dominion University, earning his master’s degree in computer science. He went to work for a real estate technology company, starting as an intern and eventually becoming the company’s chief technology officer. “I learned so much there. I was like a sponge, and it’s where I became passionate about problem-solving,” Pratik shares.

Beginning in 2012, he took on some projects after work—creating websites and mobile apps. “I stayed up at night working, but I always delivered.” Two years later, he was ready to launch TechArk fulltime. The name comes from a combination of technology and architecture, which is his wife Jinal’s field. He initially worked from a home office and then rented space in Virginia Beach. In 2016, Pratik was ready to make the move to Norfolk. Jinal designed the bright, open space in an office building on York Street. “Jinal means ‘angel,’ and she has given so much to make TechArk a success, including staying home to take care of our two boys.” Smit, which means “smile,” is 8, and Sahil, which means “shoreline,” is 4.

Pratik Kothari is the guiding force behind TechArk, an innovative company in the center of downtown Norfolk.

TechArk focuses on service, and provides everything from mobile apps to web design to digital marketing. “We want to help our customers tell their story, and we have team members who work in many different areas. It’s a holistic approach, and we focus on service more than products. Our clients tell us their problems, and we find solutions. We are constantly refining our skills so our clients stay relevant in the always changing technology landscape,” Pratik says.

In addition to their local staff, TechArk has 30-plus team members who work in India, which Pratik believes gives the company an edge on the competition. “Because of the time difference, we really are working a 20-hour day.”

The company is committed to making a difference, and they help a number of local nonprofits with websites and mobile apps. They also hire interns from high schools and college, and funded one student’s education at ODU. “We are looking at how to groom talent for the Hampton Roads area,” Pratik says. “Too many of our young people move away from this area to find jobs, so we are focusing on helping them stay here.”

TowneBank senior vice president Rob Marchand has worked closely with TechArk from the beginning. “Rob and TowneBank have been great,” Pratik shares. “I trust Rob, and he has helped with whatever I’ve needed and given us advice and guidance. I also greatly appreciate Towne’s commitment to the Indian culture in Hampton Roads with their wonderful support for the India Heritage Foundation.”

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Our BFFs at TowneBank wrote an article about us! We’re so honored by this gesture and truly grateful for our partnership.

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