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    Our growth has been a labor of love.

    TechArk was officially founded in 2012. Four short years later, we’re making plans to move our headquarters to handle all of the growth we’ve been experiencing.

    It all started when our CEO, Pratik Kothari, kept meeting entrepreneurs and local business leaders who had great ideas and terrific business models, but they just needed an extra push to help their businesses run more efficiently or gain much needed visibility. Maybe they were missing a key piece of functionality to make their website more effective or they had an idea for an app but didn’t have the technical resources to make the idea a reality.

    Whatever the need, TechArk has been there, and will continue to be there to help businesses with websites, mobile apps, programming solutions, user interface/user experience design or even digital marketing. It’s all part of a process to help anyone “Re-imagine Your Business.”

    Obviously, that success has been carried on the shoulders of our employees. When starting TechArk, Pratik knew that having a cultural fit within the company was just as important as having technical skills. He assembled a team that not only had a talent for the work, but also was focused on the clients’ needs and the dedication to exceed their expectations.

    We’re very proud of our team and we’re please that our reputation is creating such incredible growth. We’re also thankful to have such wonderful clients to collaborate with and who have helped to spread the word about our services.

    But we’re still mindful of growth for growth’s sake. While it’s easy to want to take on any project while in hypergrowth mode, we know it’s also important to make sure we can deliver what we promise and always be accessible to our clients. No matter how much we grow, we always want them to feel like they are working with a small agency, because personalization is the key to our future.

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