TechTalk | Digital Marketing in 2017

Jun 06, 2017

The digital solutions experts and creative marketing team at TechArk are always researching, brainstorming, and improving, in order to keep bringing our clients the Very Best in custom digital programming and advertising. Because you’ve been good, we’re sharing a few of our inside tips and tricks. Happy viewing!

Know your audience

Consider your audience. Who are they – age, gender, income are all important, but there are many, many more factors that comprise an individual. Each of these elements combine into a living, breathing, decision-making person, and each element is a clue as to how, where, and why your audience will find you.

Make it easier for them, by seeking them out where they search.

Shape your message

How you tell your story matters – even a great story can be ruined by a bad storyteller. Conversely, a boring story, if told the right way and supplemented with enticing visual elements, can become compelling. People like stories, and if they like yours (and the way you tell it), they’ll remember you. This brand awareness is marketing gold, as it may result in a conversion, and ultimately, a loyal brand follower.

Once you’ve established a solid relationship with your new fans, make sure your brand lives up to your own hype. Trust must be earned, and once lost, is very difficult to reclaim.

Choose the right platform

Now that you know your audience (who they are and where they browse) and you’re ready to tell your story (in a compelling and visually appealing way), it’s time to send it out into the world.

Will you choose a website, a social media network, a video on Youtube? It’s up to you. Choose wisely.

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