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It's Alive!

No, we’re not reanimating corpses over here at TechArk, but we are reviving decrepit websites and transforming tired businesses. We invite you to take a tour of the TechArk Marketing Laboratory, where we conduct experiments testing the limits of branding, strategy, social media, search, and content marketing.

Welcome to our Laboratory.

At TechArk we approach a new marketing client like an experiment. Each has constants and variables, and each is uniquely different. What works for one client will not always work for another, just as Dr. Frankenstein was only able to animate his monster creation under the perfect combination of conditions.

The Marketing Lab conducts our mysterious experiments in 3 month sprints:

First ...

… we research. We become experts in our subjects (AKA clients) in order to understand what makes them tick. Once we complete that initial pulse check, we have our variables and our control groups. Knowing how they’ve performed in the past is immensely informative when considering the future.

Next ...

… we define goals. Ideally our clients know where they want to be in the next year, and beyond. Defining objectives allows us to set goals and schedule milestones. It’s hard to make progress or measure success without a goalpost.

Then ...

… we spring into action, implementing various tactics in an attempt to meet our defined goals. Measuring our success is easy with digital marketing, as it allows us to see exactly who is responding to ads, when, how, and where.

Throughout this phase we learn even more about our clients – this time from the behaviors of their customers and audience. When we see how they interact and engage (or don’t) with ads and other content, we know how to proceed.

Finally ...

… we adjust accordingly and pivot. Sometimes we’re right on track, and that’s awesome! Other times we need to tweak our messaging, targeting, or imagery. The sheer volume of variables can be overwhelming, but that’s why we’re pros.

We’ve found that three months is the perfect time frame to allow a campaign to play out without dragging on. It allows the ad time to seek and display itself to the defined audience, and it gives us enough data to determine whether the strategy is effective.

It Works or It Doesn't.

Either way, we know there are other strategies, tactics, and platforms to try. Just because one method doesn’t deliver the expected results doesn’t mean another won’t. Just like a doctor seeking a cure for a confounding symptom, we keep experimenting until we find the correct combination of meds, or the right dosage. It’s all unique to the patient, or in this case, marketing client.

Welcome to our Laboratory. Come inside and see what we’ve been working on. You’ll probably make it back out.

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