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TechArk Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the New TechArk, redesigned, reimagined, and more resilient than ever before! We are so proud of our new website and the team who helped put it all together (us) and to celebrate, we’ll be pulling a variety of stunts over the next month – including a digital treasure hunt.

Ready, set, search!

  1. Your first mission (should you choose to accept it) is to locate the animated TechArk logo on the site. There’s only one, but if you look hard enough, we’re sure you can find it.
  2. Next, see if you can identify a new service line. We’ve got the same #skillz for which we’ve always been renowned, but we’ve added a few new tricks up our sleeve.
  3. We’re very photogenic. Our team acted as models for nearly all the photography on the site. See if you can spot one of our web wizards in at least three different photos – headshots don’t count! *Hint: Try hovering over or clicking on the community photos on our Agency page for a fun surprise.
  4. Our social media game is on point. See if you can find our custom juicer feed (it looks like a quilt of cool posts) and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!
  5. Clients LOVE to leave us raving reviews. Locate two of the video testimonials peppered throughout the site to hear what big names like Marathon Development have to say about TechArk’s work.

Send us your responses via social media, and if you can find all five, we’ll send you the link to our super-secret Bloopers page.

Happy Hunting!

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