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At TechArk, we are all about helping others. Whether that means sponsoring a college student, taking on a non-profit project pro bono, or in this case, giving away free advice, it just feels good to help.

In honor of our new website launch (take a look around) we’ve interviewed our team leaders, picking their brains for valuable nuggets of web wisdom. Take a listen, and check back each day this week as we update this post with new videos. Happy Viewing!

Day One: What is VI / UX Design?

Michael Joyner, Team Lead: Graphic Design

Answer: Visual Interface + User Experience Design

When designing a product, you must carefully consider the user interface, A.K.A., the view that your audience sees. If the design and layout aren’t clear, then potential users won’t understand how to operate it.

A good design takes into account UI/VI (user, or visual interface) and UX (user experience), guiding visitors along a set path to the best possible digital experience.

Day Two: How Do You Keep a Project on Track?

Darnely Archer, Team Lead: Project Management

Answer: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Arguably one of the most difficult jobs in the history of the working world, project management is no joke. Balancing hard deadlines against the juggling act of meeting client expectations, all while maintaining team morale is a full-time job.

At TechArk, we use a variety of project management tools to keep track of it all, and stay on target.

Day Three: What is a Responsive Website?

Joel Tucay | Team Lead: Web + App Development

Answer: Harmony Between Mobile Devices + Your Website

With more and more users browsing the web on their phones, live streaming, and casting from one device to another, digital assets which are capable of resizing automatically are absolutely essential.

A website from Techark is responsive by nature, so you can rest easy knowing that it always looks good.

Day Four: What is SEO and What is SEM?

Erika Guess, Team Lead: Digital Marketing

Answer: Search Engine Optimization + Search Engine Marketing

Of all the techno-babble and jargon we toss around on the reg, there may be none so misunderstood as “digital marketing.” This catch-all term includes content strategy + writing, social media management + marketing, and search engine optimization + marketing.

Digital Marketing: Because if nobody can find your business online, you’re probably not getting much business offline.

Finale: Who is TechArk?

We are a digital creative agency based out of Norfolk, VA, and we truly hope you’ve enjoyed our Free Advice series (again: in honor of this snazzy new site).

If our advice has helped you or your business, let us know! If our advice wasn’t helpful but you’ve got questions, ask them! We’d love to get in touch and talk techy to you.

This week we’re bringing you a new piece of free advice each day, straight from the mouths of the experts at TechArk.

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