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TechArk Team Lunch


TechArk is no exception to the holiday weekend excitement sweeping across the east coast. Today we held our monthly company lunch, with some delicious pies from the incomparable Granby St Pizza, our downtown Norfolk neighbor.

TechArk stands for Trust, Empowerment, Customer-focused, Highly motivated, Accountability, Responsive, and Knowledgeable. These values are at the core of everything that we do, and they are why it is so important to us to set aside this time each month. We sit, we eat, we talk, and we learn, together.

Because of our open floor plan in our new office, we’re often all in the same room together, but it’s rare that we’re all at the same table. The opportunity to share what we’ve worked on over the past weeks, to discuss the challenges we face, and celebrate the victories we’ve won is a rewarding part of the job, and our favorite part of each month.

As part of our mission to never stop growing, we also make it a point to learn during our monthly feast. This Friday, one of our remote team members shared a presentation she had put together about an exciting new technological gadget that we can’t wait to try out.

Check back with us for more updates, and get in touch if you need a website, app, or friendly pizza party next time you’re in town.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Hampton Roads. Stay safe!

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