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Jul 11, 2017

A community is more than a group of people or a geographical location. A true community is a shared connection between individuals who are unified; stronger together than apart. Communities can sprout up anywhere, anytime, and may surprise you with the fierceness of their loyalty. A sense of unity is a powerful force, one which can accomplish great things if allowed to grow.

At TechArk we believe strongly in this ideal of connectedness, unity, and working together towards a common goal. When a community succeeds each individual succeeds, and we are all strengthened. A relatively young company, Hampton Roads received TechArk with such warmth, love, and support that there was never a question of leaving.

Although we have our sights set on projects near and far, TechArk will always consider the tidewater area ‘home.’ And to thank our community for all that it has granted and afforded us, we’d like to pay it forward. It’s a job that is never done, an effort that is ongoing.

Our founder and President Pratik Kothari feels passionately about the accumulation of knowledge, so we’ve made it our mission to help those who thirst for it.

By sponsoring and employing a student at Old Dominion University (many of us at TechArk are alums) we like to think we are returning the favor. We support higher education, the pursuit of knowledge, and growth on a personal as well as professional level. We are consistently striving to provide these things for our part-time college student employees – that’s right, we have more than one.

In addition to our student-employees, TechArk is playing host to a number of paid interns this summer. Some hail from local high schools, while others are returning home from universities far and wide. Here to learn about a variety of topics (marketing, graphic design, web development) these lucky kids gain knowledge, experience, and even pocket a bit of cash for some summer fun.

In addition to our work with educational institutions and young minds, TechArk is also committed to a few causes that are near-and-dear to our founder’s heart. We’ve dedicated our web skills and technical talents to philanthropic endeavors, building websites or other digital solutions for pillars of the local community without charge. It’s just another way we like to help out, and show our gratitude.

Of course, the fourth and final way in which TechArk gives back is by doing great work! The better our services, the better the final product we hand over to local business owners – our clients. Their success is our success, and when they do well the local economy does well. And we at TechArk aren’t complaining, either!

Contact us today to learn more about TechArk’s community engagement, or to work with us.

Norfolk has been good to us, and we want to return the favor. TechArk loves to give back in anyway that we can.

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