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Five tips to plan a successful business website

Have you got an idea for website development in mind? When you have a clear picture of what you want, you should plan all the details that would help you convert your dreams into a reality. It can be a good idea to discuss the requirements and expectations with the web development team and get... Read more »

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5 steps to stop wasting time on Social Media

Let’s face it: Social media is a giant platform these days. Here are some strategies that can help you stop wasting your time on social media. 1.Know why you’re there: You should know the purpose of using social media. Keeping in mind your goals, you should plan an effective strategy and make sure that your... Read more »

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The Three Things I’m Most Thankful For

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I would like to take a few moments to reflect back on our progress as a business in 2015, and the three things I’m most thankful for at TechArk. 1. I’m thankful for the technology and tools that are available to us, such as Asana and Slack, that help to... Read more »

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