TechshArk Week

Jul 28, 2017

It’s TechshArk Week, and we smell blood in the water.

Everyone loves that one special week in July where the ocean’s fiercest predators take over our screens, thrilling and exciting us with their incredible strength, agility, and intelligence.

It’s basically a national holiday week, which is why we at TechshArk decided to get in touch with our inner cartilaginous fish. Each department bears an uncanny resemblance to a different species of shark, starting with our founder and CEO.

Ready to dive deep?Shark

Pratik is naturally the great white. Often found cruising the office to the theme song of Jaws (no, not really) Pratik always has a smile on his face, just like his sharkmate. We’re just glad it’s a nice smile, and not one filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth!

Our project coordinators and office administrators are hammerhead sharks, due to their impressive abilities at keeping an eye on everything that happens at the office. Plus, they really address the nuts and bolts of our work, hammering in the final details and keeping everything running smoothly. They do run into a lot of walls, though, since they’re eyes are so far apart.

Paradigms of the perfect aesthetic, the design team is obviously the beautiful tiger shark. Typically solitary, speckled creatures, the graphic designers at TechshArk have been known to break the rules once in awhile, and tend to gather in small groups to discuss alignment, container width, and the availability of fish and crustaceans these days.

SharkStraddling the divide between design and development we have an island – the bull shark. Able to swim in both salt and fresh water, the bull shark is a master multitasker. Our bull shark is skilled at both design and development, making him a useful ally when in the sea, on a river, or working through a complicated programming concept.

Finally, we have our new marketing mako sharks. Fast, sleek, and highly active, our marketing team is known to swim great distances and make  soaring leaps out of the water…wait, we might have gotten that backwards. Anyways, makos and marketers both enjoy alliteration and sushi, and are considered highly intelligent.

If you think you can swim in the TechshArk waters, come on in. We don’t bite…much.

Come on in, the web water is fine … probably. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of sharks we are .. look no further.

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