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Strategies for making ecommerce truly social

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Commerce has always been social. Shopping in the real world is a form of social entertainment, and we usually turn to people we know for advice on products and services.

If you are managing any business, you can’t ignore the importance of social networking, not even in your business. Thus with the innovative technology, new trends and channels have been set, which are essential to follow in today’s time to get success in your business. But the most important thing is-how to engage people with your business concept, style and brand.

1)Making your user experience more like TV than search:
It is an important step for making users experience real and live. Make your user experience more like TV, so that they can easily understand and relate directly with the concept and business. You need to make your online eCommerce store with some interacting tunes and videos so that customer will not only come for shopping, but also to experience window shopping.

2)Exploring social circles beyond friends:
To make your business successful you need to explore social circle boundaries beyond friends. You need to engage people with various business community, groups, society etc. For any information, people can discuss and can get people’s suggestion and feedback.

3)Footprint building on Facebook:
You can create store within a store by footprint building on facebook. But before that you need to engage people through news feed on facebook. And then the challenge is to integrate Facebook with Ecommerce store. If this is done effectively, get tuned for converting users within a search-driven experience.

Hence, your effective web presence through social networking can make your business explore to a greater extend and you can better link and convince peoples about your business or concepts.

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