Steps to manage your website design projects

For managing your website design projects, one needs to learn the secrets of successful management. Perform the best practices in project management and give your project the best chance of success.
Below are some of the few steps, we need to consider for managing website design projects:

1)Initiation: The very first step is Initiation. It is the step where you make the contract/ agreement with the clients. If this stage is not performed well, it is unlikely that the project will be successful in meeting the business’ needs.

2)Planning: The second and important step in project management. Planning should be done wisely and every single detail should be covered in planning. Firstly the scope of the project should be defined. It means that one needs to explain what the project is about , its purpose and the end result . If you can manage to explain the project details properly, then it means that whole idea is clear in your mind.
Secondly, identify the main features of the project. Make a list of what things you need to include and what importance it has compared to other. Design the sitemap of your project, so that you don’t forget any details and which helps you to define your pathway.

3)Designing: Design has several meanings when it comes to Web development. This is where the real “design” process begins. Based on existing branding/corporate colours if any, a static “mock-up” of your homepage will be created, showing exactly what the web page will look like, but without any functionality yet. Once all have agreed on the design of the site itself, it is time to make it work.

4)Rechecking: Once designing is done, go ahead with the other step that is rechecking. This is highly important as one might miss out some details while you are busy designing. So this step ensures that you don’t miss out any minor or major detail and moreover it also gives you time to look at what you have done while doing the website design and development.

5)Go live(Publishing): After you have rechecked your work, it’s time to go ahead and publish your website and if you have prepared it for your client then you can showcase it to them.

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