Standing Above the Social Media Clutter

Sep 28, 2015

Over the past few years, social media has become the go-to tool for brands to rise above their competition. Humans are, above all, social creatures who both consciously and unconsciously pay attention to social proof. This means that we gravitate to things that are already liked by other people and stay away from those things that are disliked or disapproved. This can be, of course, utilized to a great advantage in your social media strategy planning. Here are some things that you should definitely pay a close attention to if you want to gain the upper hand over your competition:

Connect with Images and Video: The very first thing you should always remember is that consumers are visual creatures. People tend to remember much more easily graphic content than raw data or plain text. Use original photos and videos to stand out and create a unique voice for your brand that will be instantly recognized and remembered. Visual communication with your audience offers a great opportunity to go beyond the usual formal tone of voice and paints a more human face for your business or brand. “Behind the scene” pictures of your team make for great content that is guaranteed to engage a wide audience.

Hop on the Hashtag Bandwagon: Another important thing that you should dedicate your time to is researching and utilizing popular hashtags to make it easier for users to find messages with specific theme or content. Don’t think about hashtags as just another social media fad that will quickly go away. By creating your own hashtags, you can easily start a new viral trend that could spread like wildfire. By becoming a trendsetter within your industry, you have the potential to gain a large amount of social recognition and reach a better position within your market. Hashtag tools like can help you find what’s trending.

Consider Paid Social Media Advertising: Paid options like Facebook ads are always worth considering for the extra visibility they provide. While they require a monetary investment, they can also give you a tremendous return on your investment. It is absolutely essential that you pay close attention to the selection of keywords and the overall quality of your advertisement copywriting. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to turn to experts who know exactly what to do.

To sum up all our advice into a single sentence, it would be that you should always create compelling content that actually matters to your target audience. In other words, engage with users frequently but make it worth their while. Creating meaningless or low-quality content just for the sake of it will not pay off in the long run. Your visitors will notice, and your brand will suffer.

Do not let bad social media management hold you down. If you need any additional help, contact us at to help guide your social media strategy.

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