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Previously on TechArk

Previously, On TechArk

TechArk has been busy in the past few months since our last roundup! Take a look to learn more about our work.

Oct 27, 2017
Smoke and laptop

Malware Maladies

Cyber threats are real, TechArk provides end-to-end security focused design.

Sep 20, 2017
Insecure vs secure

Let’s Get SSLerious

Understanding what SSL is all about and why it’s important for your website.

Aug 25, 2017
Planner notebook

Bye-Bye, July

Take a look at what we’ve been up to this summer, with our monthly round up of launches.

Aug 03, 2017
Note with checklist

TechTalk | Requirement: Software Development

As experts in the digital construction field, TechArk knows a thing or two about building success. In the video below, our Programming and Apps Project...

Jul 17, 2017
Man with thought bubble

TechTalk | Discovery: Software Development

As digital creative problem solvers, the TechArk agency is a strong believer in the power of Discovery. We see the digital landscape as a new...

Jun 27, 2017
Paint on glasses, calculator, and cup

Friday Failures

Here at TechArk we are ga-ga for gadgets, but for every successful, brilliant, and innovative technological advancement, there are piles of abandoned, neglected, failed attempts....

Jun 23, 2017
Cellphone with social network logos

Why Top Apps Succeed

These days, it seems like there’s an app for just about everything. Need a ride? There’s an app for that. Hear a song but can’t...

Jun 20, 2017
Monitor, keyboard and cellphone on desk

TechTalk | Digital Marketing in 2017

The digital solutions experts and creative marketing team at TechArk are always researching, brainstorming, and improving, in order to keep bringing our clients the Very...

Jun 06, 2017