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Remember when arguments ended simply because there was no way of knowing the answer to resolve the discussion? Ah, the good old days of tapes, boomboxes, and ignorance.

Search engines have changed nearly every aspect of information, research, and even the way we communicate as living, sentient beings. Now there is always a definitive champion, a winner, a “right,” because Google proved it so. With the entire world at our fingertips, there is no longer any excuse for not knowing the answers.

As far as we’ve come in just a few short decades, we’ve got so much further to go. Our smartphones loiter in our pockets and hands, changing our lives while we scroll past photos of food and cats. And it’s just the beginning.

The “Internet of Things,” or IoT, is a term coined in 1999 but which is only just now taking shape. The lines are becoming blurred between what is physical and what is virtual, and we don’t just mean the amazing graphics on video games these days.

Person holding cellphoneThe Internet of Things refers to the network of physical devices (such as phones, vehicles, and other objects) embedded with technology (software, sensors, etc.) that allows them to collect and exchange data.

What this really means is that your smartphone and your Tesla may be conspiring behind your back. No, not really.

But this does mean direct integration between the physical world and the virtual web. Remote sensors and controls are being implemented all across the globe, connected to the network, and communicating with each other. The goal is not to take over the world (despite Hollywood’s blockbusters and your worst nightmares) but rather to improve efficiency and accuracy in data collection and analyzation.

Experts estimate that the IoT will number in the BILLIONS of objects, as soon as 2020.

So what kinds of objects can we expect to see smartening up? All of them. Everything is moving toward automation, and it’s already begun: self-driving cars, smart homes, smart grids….next up is smart cities.

The world is changing, and it’s not all tangible. Invisible superhighways of information are constantly zooming over, under, and around us, as our devices speak to each other.

[caption id="attachment_9899" align="alignright" width="300"]Iron man movie Tony Stark (A.K.A. Iron Man) had the right idea![/caption]

Someday, your smartbed will wake you up at precisely the right time, after having lulled you into a pristine REM cycle all night. Your smartlights will automatically illuminate, but not too bright. You like a fade, so they’ll slowly brighten over the next few minutes. Your smartcoffee pot is already full, brewing before you woke.

As you go about your routine, your smarthouse provides your daily news, curated just the way you like, and your breakfast is prepared for you by your smartkitchen. When you’ve finished eating, your dishes will be washed, dried, and put away by your smartservant robot. Heading out the door, your smartmirror will confirm that you’ve dressed for success.

Person with smartwatch

Our software development team has been experimenting with beacon technology, roaming the office on make-believe tours, and we all know someone with a smartwatch or activity tracker. Backpacks these days are manufactured with charging ports and laptop sleeves already installed. And it’s only a matter of time until our clothing is taking on much more responsibility than just covering us up.

When you’re ready to bring your business into the modern era, contact TechArk.

Whether you need an app, a website, or some crazy cool new thing that hasn’t been invented yet (or want to invent one of the crazy cool things we envisioned) TechArk has the skills, capabilities, and enthusiasm to make it happen. Have your robot call our robot and set something up.

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