Small Business Week Spotlight | TechArk Solutions

Happy Small Business Week!

TechArk has been celebrating our hometown heroes by highlighting a different small business client each day, ending with us. We’re so pleased to meet you.

We are TechArk, which stands for Trust, Empowerment, Customer focused, Highly motivated, Accountability, Responsive, and Knowledge. It can also double as an Ark (like Noah’s) for Technology. We strive to live out these principals each day in our personal and professional relationships.

Words we live by are “REIMAGINE Your Business,” and we’ve brought that concept to life for a number of our small-scale professional buddies. Check out our recent work in our ongoing REIMAGINE Series, in which we highlight our newest and most exciting digital design, development, marketing, and/or social media projects.

In the meantime, get out there and support your friendly neighborhood small business. We’ll see you there.

As a small business ourselves, TechArk loves to support local. We gotta look out for each other!

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