Small Business Week Spotlight | ODURent & Colley Self Storage

May 04, 2017

For our third Small Business Week feature, we’ve got a two-for-one special. TechArk clients Colley Storage & ODURent go hand-in-hand, and are located side-by-side, so we figured it was a natural pairing.

For the 900+ satisfied tenants who have found their perfect apartment through, options and amenities are important. Students can choose from a large selection of houses, duplexes, and apartments with various features such as central air, washer/dryer, decks, patios and backyards and more. With all those great conveniences, it’s hard to believe there could be even more advantages to choosing ODURent.

Enter Colley Self Storage, the perfect place for ODU students and recent grads to store their bicycles, seasonal clothing, and recreational gear. Whether you surf, snowboard, or simply need a place to stash your beach chairs, Colley Storage has a unit for you. With security cameras, 24-hour access, and a variety of sizes, prices, and options, is the answer to your storage prayers.

Check out these two small business rockstars, and keep them in mind for the ODU student in your life, or the next time you find yourself running out of storage space in your home.

Thanks for stopping by – now get out and support your favorite small business this week!

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