Small Business Week Spotlight | Coastal Charm

In a show of solidarity for our amazing clients, TechArk is highlighting a different local client each day of Small Business Week, from April 30th through May 6th. We encourage you to get out and support the brave business owners who work so hard to make each day special and exciting – like our charming client Coastal Charm!

A small, family-owned business in Virginia Beach, VA, Coastal Charm’s products are locally-sourced – even the screen-printing – and a portion of all net profits go straight to charity. For every purchase you make at Coastal Charm, 10% goes to help protect and preserve our nation’s beaches and fund coastal restoration.

So hit the strip this week, and make sure to snap a selfie of your new, environmentally-conscious Coastal Charm gear. Hashtag it #saveourbeaches and #smallbusinessweek, and know that you’re doing your part for the ecosystem and community.

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