Should You Develop a Mobile App for Your Business?

May 26, 2015

It may seem like the marketplace is flooded with mobile apps created by small businesses hoping to appeal to a broader customer base. Since more people than ever use mobile devices to achieve business goals, it certainly makes sense to consider a custom application that could offer convenience to your customers on the go. But do you really need this technology? For a surprising number of small businesses, the answer is yes.

A common reason small businesses develop a custom mobile app is to solve customer problems or needs. If there’s a gap in your service that could be filled by a mobile app, or if customers are regularly requesting an app, there’s likely a good reason to consider it. Possible benefits of an app include saving time and increasing efficiency, improving productivity, and allowing clients to engage with your service even when they’re away from their desks. Of course, it’s not enough just to offer the app. Understanding your customers’ needs and tailoring the technology to suit the way they work is a major consideration for the success of your app.

Another important consideration is whether your customers primarily use mobile devices to do their jobs, interact with you, and access the services you provide. If the answer is yes, a mobile app is likely to fit right in your customers’ comfort zone. Understanding your customers’ technology use is a big part of the decision to develop a custom app or not. Also keep in mind that the number of users relying on mobile devices is growing every year. If a custom mobile app doesn’t make sense now, it may be a must-have in a few years.

Finally, consider your competition. If mobile apps are becoming standard in your industry, or if your biggest competitor has released this technology, you may need to keep up with (or surpass) the status quo. Ignoring innovation is the first step to obscurity. In short, if your competitors are releasing mobile apps, your customers may come to expect this technology. Instead of an added bonus, it will become a basic requirement that you have failed to provide.

Whether you are ready to take the plunge and develop a custom mobile app or you are still a long way away from this stage, it’s never too early to think about creating an app to wow your clients and help them interact with your products and services on the go. When you’re ready to discuss a custom mobile app development project, give TechArk Solutions a call. We are happy to help you explore your options for taking your business to the next level.

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