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Shh, It’s a Secret!

We’ve been working on something Big here at TechArk.

Our entire team pulled together over the summer, brainstorming, collaborating, and producing assets for our Biggest Project Yet.

Full of gorgeous professional photography, seamless custom-written code, and eloquent strategically-worded content, it was a team effort. Our design teams had their hands full creating the look, feel, and branding aesthetic for this Super Secret Client while our marketing and project management departments rewrote, reposted, reorganized, and reimagined an announcement strategy to Wow.

Team looking at laptop

Is … Is it working?

We hope so, because while this client was our toughest yet, it was also our most rewarding. Working tirelessly around the clock to deliver on time and to expectation, our developers constructed a Digital Domain Fit for a King, and conducted extensive testing to ensure quality at launch.

The Final Product is stunning: visually, functionally, and intellectually. We think it speaks to the breadth of our experience, expertise, and exceptional capabilities.

We’re not calling it our Magnum Opus, but … we kind of are.

We have to stay tight-lipped for just another few days. Keep an eye on our Facebook, where we’re live-streaming a countdown clock until the Big Reveal.

We are TechArk, and we can’t wait for Monday. Curious yet?

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