Round Two: Sneak Peak Into Our New Norfolk Office

Sep 02, 2016

We are sure everyone is getting in Labor Day weekend mode. We wanted to drop in another quick update on the latest progress with our Norfolk office. After doing the demolition of most of the walls in the space, the construction team started to put together the elements for the new space.

We are going with a modern, industrial look and check out some of the pictures below to get a glimpse of what we are putting together!

Branding on the Entry Wall

As soon as you enter the building, you will see this wall made out of reclaimed wood. We are planning to add our own branding and the “Re-imagine” philosophy on this wall.

TechArk wooden wall

Large Conference Room

For all the future Google Hangouts and one-on-one client meetings, this will be our meeting place. We have opted for storefront glass with industrial trims to get a modern look.

TechArk conference room in the making

Blue Accents

Try to guess what these are. Anyone who guesses this correctly gets invited to the open house (to follow).

TechArk office blue accents

We call this “The Ledge”

The wall from the conference room wraps around and forms this ledge in our working space. We can’t wait to show you how this will look at the end.

TechArk office wooden ledge

Conference Room Highlight

The wall in the conference room has been dressed up with reclaimed wood that will really make this space shine.

TechArk wooden wall in conference room
Happy Labor Day! We will keep you posted.

To Entrepreneurs and their Dreams!

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