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Online ordering has revolutionized the restaurant industry. Has your restaurant implemented this growing trend yet? TechArk has worked with more than a dozen prominent Hampton Roads restaurants some of which include:

In this blog, we will explain some different ways of adding online ordering on your restaurant’s website.

Online Order Services (eg.
Utilizing a third-party ordering service is one of the easiest and fastest methods for implementing online ordering capabilities. For your restaurant’s website, simply link to the external page set up by these ordering services. They also handle all the payment processing as well as the user experience associated with placing the order and the delivery instructions.


  • Easy setup
  • Lower upfront costs
  • User-friendly interface


  • Hefty commission fees. These can add up quickly as your online ordering grows.
  • Possible add-ons that you may need to purchase such as POS integration.

Custom Solution
TechArk strongly believes in innovation. One of our customers, Rajput Indian Cuisine, expressed the desire for their updated website to include online ordering functionality but wanted an approach with minimal commission fees. Third-party online ordering services usually have high commission fees charged for every order resulting in a reduced margin, TechArk proposed a custom solution.

rajput-online order

TechArk developed a web-based, mobile-friendly order page on their new website. When a customer places an order, a custom module faxes the order to the restaurant location as well as emails the order to the specified email address. Using this approach, the restaurant was immediately notified of the online order and the received fax became the order ticket for the kitchen staff. There were no commissions involved and the cost to send the fax transmission was negligible. This solution has saved Rajput Indian Cuisine thousands of dollars and they are able to accommodate the increasing number of online orders without hefty commissions.

This is yet another example of how the TechArk team continues to innovate for our customers and help them reimagine their businesses. For more examples, please take a look at Our Portfolio and contact us to discuss your business’s specific needs. We look forward to listening to your business problems and delivering a solution using innovative technology and proven marketing techniques.

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