Quick Design Tips To Get More Visitors

Nov 12, 2014

Creating content for web users is always a challenge, but keeping them engaged with it is even more challenging. People create websites to share information, so their major goal is to find the necessary data as easy as possible.

The first step is to ensure that your visitors are happy with your site design. This is a competitive world and has its own rules, so you need to find some ways to make visitors engaged with your content.

Below are some simple yet useful tips on how to increase engagement on your site.

1)Work on Readability:
Readability is an important feature when it comes to generating bigger amount of conversion and engagement. If your site has tiny, hardly readable fonts then there’s a big chance of visitors leaving it at once. This means you would lose potential customers.

Thus you need to ensure that all the texts on your site are clearly readable, displaying lists with bullet points, clear background to highlight the texts. Furthermore, you can put all your advertising elements, banners, and sliders in a way so that they don’t distract the user from viewing your content.

2)Creating a Parallax Story:
Parallax scrolling is a web design trend. It provides an engaging way to visualize the message you deliver. Parallax uses several design elements that move individually as you scroll a web page. This results in a fantastic dynamic experience that encourages users to scroll more.

3)Make Sure Your site Loads Fast:
If your site takes too long to load, it is obvious that visitors will leave your site as no one has patience to wait for it.

The number of images on the page influences the speed of loading. So in order to enhance your engagement and usability, you should optimize your images and make them load fast.

4)Make It Responsive:
Nowadays more and more people are browsing internet with mobile devices. So make sure your site displays correctly on any screen.

Responsive design is not all about layout only, but about content too. It’s good if your layout adapts to any screen resolution, but your content should do the same. People browsing net through mobile phones don’t have time to read long paragraphs of text written in small fonts. Reading on a small screen is not fun, so make sure all the text on your site has comfortable size, and don’t make users to zoom in.

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