The Process of Planning a Perfect Website

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The process of planning a perfect website
Website Design + Development

The process of web design can be broken into many flavors and styles across the globe. The planning process is an essential aspect of what it lends to the creative process.

Below are some ideas which can be applied towards designing fresh web interfaces.

1) Starting the Project:
This is the most anxious and driving time during project work. So think of some ideas and note it down. Take some time and ask few simple question related to your project like: Is there any specific items you want to include? These may be different navigation menus, heading banners, or even a simple page logo.

2) Examine Design Galleries:
Examine your design galleries thoroughly. Borrow ideas from some other designers. This is the beauty of creation as you take a mix of many differing artistic styles and blend them together in your own way. As you train the creative portions of your brain begins to think outside the comfort zone.

3) Give your interface a test run:
Before coding your sketch or mockup design spend some time in visualizing the browsing process. If possible think from customer view point who’s entering your website and consider where they’d click and what they would find most interesting.

4) Keep the Space:
White space is crucial with any great design. When page elements are laid out properly you’ll find a natural symmetry in design. Web pages which are coded with grids and accessibility in mind tend to appear cleaner and much more user friendly. Make sure that page’s content-paragraphs, headings, images and videos have enough room to breathe and interact with your website’s visitors.

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