Principles of Good Web Design

Jun 14, 2014

A good web design is all about the user experiences. The latest and greatest design trends are irrelevant and sometimes even set against to the majority of audiences.

Below are some principles of good web design and make sure that you include them in your work.

The interests of your target audience should always be the dominant consideration in determining the style of your site. You can be innovative while working with a more serene style.
Its never difficult to find out what your audiences need. You can use tools like Google Analytics to get a sense of your demographics. With the help of A/B testing you can compare even the minor changes to find a difference in success rate. So in brief you can monitor actions like clicks or sign-up and then you can take these results and refine them further.

Make sure that your website doesn’t take much time to load. Speed has a monumental impact on your users. So just a couple extra seconds in load time can have astonishing aftermath on user responses and conversion rates. In fact some consumers might start to abandon a website after 5 seconds of loading time.
If you want to improve your site speed, you need to first exactly determine how slow your pages are by conducting a site speed test. You can also incorporate tactics like: Reducing images, drop shadows or other fancy effects, signify the height and width of your HTML image tags so that they can load in their own time without holding up the rest of the page.

Design your site by keeping clarity in mind, so that when customers come to your site they should not get lost on your site. Keep a search bar that’s easily identified and usually located at the top right. A clear and neat site will give you more customers and increase website traffic and conversion rates.

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