How to present your IT project in front of potential buyers?

Mar 10, 2014

It’s not an easy task to pitch in for your products. Here are some steps that can help you get your clients to like your products or services:

Sales pitch includes several complex jobs like market research, research and study of potential clients, product research, etc. Wondering how to create an impressive presentation and attract the clients? Here are some good ways that can help you pull more and more customers to your business.

Build your brand:
It is important to build a brand image. The potential and existing customers would love to be associated with brands. Focus on explaining what your brand is all about and what would be the benefits to the customer. Mention your expertise and skills. In order to attract the potential clients, you should present your brand and the offerings.

Rather than sending an email, it is a good idea to walk upto the potential customers, especially CIOs. Generally, they have busy schedules and they do not have time to go through all the emails. If you’re sending promotional emails to them, they would not have time to go through them. It can be a good idea to fix up an appointment and meet them personally and discuss the business possibilities.

You should ask your support team to do some research about the prospective client. Go through the annual reports of the company and website to know about their business.

Customize presentations:
You can have customized demos and presentations for the potential clients. Tailor-made demos would build trust and confidence in the customers.

Play the hot buttons:
You should show them how their business would be benefited when they collaborate with your brand. Cleverly use the benefits for attracting the stakeholders.

Client support:
Your job is not completed until the contract is signed. You and your support team needs to stick around and ensure that the clients are happy and satisfied. When the client is happy, he can give good references. Hence, make sure that your customers get excellent client support.

In a nutshell, you should sell your IT products and services effectively and efficiently.

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