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Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona

TOP 4 #MobileWorldCongress Debuts From The Past 48hrs

Mobile World Congress 2015 officially starts today in Barcelona, Spain. Need a quick catch up to stay in the know? Check out the TOP 4...

Mar 02, 2015
Augmented reality living room

Augmented Reality-The Next Big Thing

aug·men·ted re·al·i·ty noun: a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. The interesting...

Feb 27, 2015
Drone waiters

Are Waiters Soon to Be Extinct?

Well, maybe not soon, but the concept is definitely a new thought now that a revolutionary restaurant in Singapore is deploying hovering drones to deliver...

Feb 27, 2015
5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Designing Your Website

5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Designing Your Website

Whether designing a new website or revamping your existing one, there are many factors and questions you should consider asking your web designer or if...

Dec 03, 2014
Variety of cell phones

Why your website has to be mobile-friendly

The goal of having a mobile friendly website is to offer an optimal experience on whatever device screen your potential visitor is using to find...

Nov 29, 2014
Responsive web design graphic

What is Responsive Web Design?

Open the pod bay doors, HAL. All jokes aside, responsive website design is more or less the ability of a web site to adjust to...

Nov 28, 2014
Planning for mobile app graphic

What to consider when planning to build a mobile app

Do you have the next big idea for an app? Great! Now what…? Mobile apps have become THE preferred method for people to do almost...

Nov 26, 2014
Difference between static and dynamic web sites graphic

The difference between static and dynamic web sites

If you’re in need of a website, you might be wondering what your options are. Simply put, websites can be divided into being either static...

Nov 24, 2014
7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

7 Must Have Word Press Plugins for 2014

Every WordPress site owner has their toolkit of plugins they cannot live without. Usually it includes solutions for SEO, caching, security and other improvements. Below...

Nov 21, 2014