Our Grand Opening, Re-imagined!

TechArk’s Grand Opening was October 14th and it has been a long time coming. Construction at the Norfolk location finished in September; the furniture came in, the branding commenced, the dream came to fruition. Accompanying this milestone was a palpable excitement from the entire team, the physical manifestation of our efforts exceeding what we imagined.

TechArk’s grand opening embodied our company motto; “Re-imagine Your Business.” Clients and friends witnessed first-hand what TechArk’s philosophy is about through the use of cutting-edge technology.

The team designed a mobile app for the event, allowing access to a beacon guided tour that took visitors around our new, cool office space, discussing different locations thru their mobile device.

Our TechFit quiz also debuted on the new app, allowing individuals to test the level of technological innovation in their company and shedding light on potential improvements.





With the use of the Amazon Dash Button, we created our own wheel of fortune, letting visitors take a spin for the chance to win a range of gadgets.


Also, TechArk created a virtual reality space that premiered the new location and our team through customized VR glasses.

During the event, a drone was employed to document an aerial view of the ribbon cutting, as well as showcasing our beautiful location.

Lastly, a Snapchat geofilter containing the TechArk logo allowed clients to simultaneously snap the event and inform their followers of their location. What’s pivotal to understand about TechArk is the commitment to our philosophy, commitment to each other, and commitment to you. Not only do we provide clients with innovative web and mobile solutions, we build superior relationships as well. TechArk is very much a family, we recognize the importance of teamwork, we work together to deliver exceptional service because of the genuine commitment to client and their vision. For more information on the team and re-imagining your business, we encourage you to contact us via email or our social media channels.

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