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At TechArk our passion is knowledge – we can’t get enough! Whether it’s industry news, fun facts, or the coolest new gadget on the market, we can’t rest until we know what it is, what it does, and how it does it.

So when we get the chance to help someone else learn and grow, we jump for it. That’s why we bring in as many interns as we can handle each summer, to mentor them, as well as learn from them. We call ourselves digital explorers, but the kids in high school and college are true digital natives! Their technological intuition is scary-good.

We love our interns, so we want to brag about them! This year we have a few returning champions, as well as a few new faces. Allow us to introduce…

Jack, 19, California Polytechnic State University

A future graduate of 2020, Jack learned about TechArk through the internship program at the Advanced Technology Center in Virginia Beach, and is here with us to expand on his software & web development skills. This is Jack’s second year with us, and he’s enjoyed working on a variety of projects so far, learning more about ReactJS, ASP.NET, and several web management apps.

We hope to see you again next year, Jack!

Alden, 20, University of Virginia

techark-postA soon-to-be junior and future graduate of the class of 2019, Alden applied to TechArk through Norfolk Academy’s internship program and has dreams of entrepreneurship. Her time at TechArk will come in handy, as she’s been working with our President and learning about marketing, social media, and advances in technology. If she weren’t spending a few days each week with us she’d be on the beach saving lives as a lifeguard.

Alden’s willingness to work hard – and to work well – has shone through, and we’ve loved having her!

Zach, 17, Frank W. Cox High School

An upcoming high-school senior and the youngest of our interns, Zach heard about TechArk through one of his teachers, and we’re glad he did! Seeking marketing and ‘working-world’ experience, Zach has enjoyed learning about SEO, event planning, and experiencing firsthand the ups and downs of working in a marketing department (it’s a wild ride).

See you next year, Zach!

They’re so young and full of hope! We can’t wait for next summer to see how these youngins have grown.

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