How to optimize your website’s landing page for mobile

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Website Design + Development The mobile revolution is the single biggest change in the Web’s short history. The mobile landing page must be optimized for your mobile site visitors. Optimizing your landing pages for mobile is now an essential process for every designer. Below is a simple checklist that you can run through to ensure your site is ready for mobile browsers: 1)Scale appropriately: The ability of a website to scale to various devices is vital. So make sure that your site scales properly in portrait and landscape view. 2)Select the content carefully: Its true mobile offers much less space to fit content onto a landing page. Therefore keep headlines short, brief, to the point and around three to four words. Similarly, keep the page as clutter-free as possible, with a low number of links and a maximum of one image, if possible. Put content in bullet points so that the eye can take it in easily, without having to pause. 3)Size matters: A landing page should always be quick to load, specially the one that will be accessed via a mobile device. There’s no set rule, but as a general guide, if your landing page takes longer than 3 or 4 seconds to load you’ll start losing a lot of users. Images take a lot of time to load and so should be kept to minimum and use CSS instead of images where possible. 4)Readability matters: If the customers can’t read the text with the phone held at arm’s length, then it needs to be bigger. Do not make users endlessly scroll either or else they will get bored quickly and move on. So everything you do must grab their attention immediately. 5)Keep navigation simple: Navigation should be simple and straightforward. Keep buttons to minimum and ensure that they pass the thumb test. Try adding buttons to different areas of the page so that a logical path can be followed.
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