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New from Google I/O 2015: Meet Android M

At last year’s I/O event (Google’s annual conference for programmers and developers), Android Lollipop took the stage. It was about time for the latest Android platform to make an appearance, and this year’s I/O conference delivered the news we’ve all been waiting for. So far, Google’s latest is only known as Android M, and users likely won’t have access until September or later. Developers, on the other hand, can preview Android M as early as now. Here are just a few features Android M promises to deliver:

1. A better web experience. Chrome Custom Tabs will allow users to browse more efficiently, navigate between apps and the web, and enjoy the convenience of autofill, automatic login, etc. on favorite sites. We can’t wait to see how this new feature streamlines web-browsing for Android fans.

2. Support for fingerprint scanners. If your device has a fingerprint scanner, you’ll enjoy full support from Google to use this technology for securing your phone, shopping online, making a purchase from the app store, etc.

3. Android Pay. If you’ve ever wished shopping could be quicker and easier, this feature might catch your attention. Android Pay is a new mobile payments system designed to make checkout fast and stress-free. You might be able to use this feature to make purchases in over 700,000 U.S. stores! We’re excited to see how mobile shopping innovations will continue to integrate with in-store shopping experiences.

4. Power saving. Android M will use a feature called Doze to conserve power when your device is not being used. Motion detectors will determine if your device has not been in use for a while, such as when you’re asleep. Standby time will be adjusted accordingly.

5. App Drawer. For better organization of all your must-have apps, Android M features a vertical-scrolling “app drawer” that sorts your apps in alphabetical order. Your four most recently-used apps will be stored at the top for quick access.

These and a myriad of other improvements should make Android M a welcome addition in the coming months. From an improved Google Now to a faster and more efficient Chrome, this new Android platform promises to deliver an enhanced experience across the board. Of course, Google has remained mysterious about one aspect of Android M – what “flavor” will it have? After Android Lollipop, we’re hoping for something chocolate.

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