New Apple Watch faces and watchOS 2 updates

Apple watch may have only been on the market for 2 months, but Apple has already announced its first major software update, watchOS 2. One of the most visible updates watchOS 2 will bring is the Timelapse watch face, which will show one of five locations around the world moving through the phases of day and night. You’ll be able to see clouds move across the sky and watch as night falls on your selected city. This watch face is sure to be a crowd favorite. But what else is watchOS 2 introducing?

One useful new feature will be Nightstand Mode, which will feature a digital clock face as well as your alarm if you have set one. That’s a simple but useful improvement that could replace your phone as your preferred alarm clock. But waking up on time is not the only impact watchOS 2 could have on your daily life. Native support for third-party fitness apps could end up being the most useful update, offering fitness devotees even more options to track activity and calories burned during workouts. And if you want to enjoy some tunes while you’re working out, you might notice an improved user experience when it comes to the previously-underwhelming music app. Album art display and some UI upgrades are a step in the right direction.

What about answering emails directly from your Apple Watch? WatchOS 2 will let you use canned responses or dictation to answer your mail. We’re interested to learn whether Apple Watch could make correspondence easier when we’re on the go, or whether our emails are better off waiting for us to reach a mobile device or laptop.

And finally, a cool feature for travelers will include the addition of Transit to the Apple Watch maps application. Imagine how useful it could be to arrive in an unfamiliar city and receive discreet public transit directions straight from your watch!

Whether you only dream about wearables or you already have an Apple Watch strapped to your wrist, watchOS 2 is a fascinating study in just how smoothly this device can integrate with and subtly enhance your day-to-day life. Salivating over this update? Unfortunately, watchOS 2 won’t be available until Fall. For now, you’ll have to make do with pondering these and other soon-to-be-released features. And Apple Watch is just getting started. It’s sure to be an unstoppable journey for this pioneering wearable.

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