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Motivation is intrinsic. It varies from individual to individual and what motivates one person would not move another. Motivation is a factor which is important for the personnel working in any businesses.

Below are some points that might motivate your personnel:

1)Structure of the work: For developers their structure of work plays an important role. The work of developer personnel is to create some new ideas, make innovations etc so their work structure should match with the nature of the employee.

2) Rewarding: Many businesses have a particular type of reward structure, differing from person to person and from department to department. By appreciating the personnel in the form of reward increases their motivation and their capability to do more hard work.

3)Leadership: In an organization, every department has a leader. Leadership style is a key factor depending how the personnel feels about the organization. The leader should be changed often as it also changes the psychological climate of the company and thus changes the performance of the people in.

4) Discard demotivating aspects: Personnel’s are often demotivated by too many meetings, unrealistic deadlines, uncooperative colleagues etc. Every company should discard all these aspects so that the employees can work in a positive state of mind. Sometimes slowing of the computers and lack of mechanics to repair them also demotivates them.

Developers are smart people, they know what is good and bad for them, so keep check on the above things because if you don’t follow what you promise, you might lose your credibility.

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